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Infinity Blade: Redemption (Infinity Blade, #2)
Brandon Sanderson
Nightmare At 20,000 Feet: Horror Stories By Richard Matheson - Richard Matheson, Stephen King This was my first short horror stories read and i have to say Richard Matheson gives me the reason to implore more in this genre. 20 stories among which if one leaves 3 or 4 stories aside , then others are very well crafted and CREEPY.
my favorites were 'nightmare at 20,000 feet' , 'legion of plotters', 'slaughter house' and 'The children of noah'.
recommended !
The Boy Who Cast No Shadow - Thomas Olde Heuvelt Picked it up as it was nominated for Hugo awards.Beginning was promising but the author was not able to carry it on. i think that the story refers to the wrong character, it must have been named after the glass boy Story is of a gay boy who casts no shadow and reflection and his friendship with a boy made of glass.
Foundation - Ann Aguirre somehow he went into my arms or i went into his and we tangled, hard. BLAH BLAH BLAH..
if it hadn't been for my mother asleep behind us- i might have done more than hold him, and it might have felt like taking advantage when he was obviously so upset.


NOTE TO AUTHOR :please don't insert kissing and squeezing scenes in a Dystopian or post apocalyptic background or if you have made up your mind to do so, then they have to be plausible. Don't spoil these genres in the name of empathy !
1 star
Immobility - Brian Evenson I have to say that Brian Evenson is an author to look forward to.
This book starts with a character Horkai being awakened from storage after a long time to procure a storage tank needed by "the community" or "the hive" as they call it. But the problem is he is being paralyzed from the waist down and coudn't remember what had led him to that situation and therefore he is confused and sometimes questions his own judgement. To accompany him are two "mules"(they may be human) qatik and qanik. i ended up developing a sympathy towards them at the end and even like them most. Somewhere in between the book poses the question that "is it better for the humanity to die out ?" But well that is left for the readers to decide
i would recommend this book to every reader because this book is a treat which one should not miss and if you are a post-apocalyptic fan then what could be better than that !
oh Brian Evenson what have you produced , i need to consume more book of yours !!
I Am Legend - Richard Matheson this is the story about Robert Neville "the last man on earth".
richard matheson has done a good justice in depicting his feelings as he goes on his daily routine which is killing vampires , making his home safe and finding as much about the virus he can.
i even wondered somewhere in between that this novel is on zombie vampires very superficially. Its much more deeper. Most of us like to spend our life in solace but what if a man is devoid of total companionship ?
plus the ending was brilliant. liked it !


Azazel - Isaac Asimov so this is about aazael, a two centimeter demon that has powers to do extraordinary things and george who calls him for fulfilling not his desires( cause azazel won't do it for him) but his friends or relatives. Azazel does exactly what george tells him but the consequence of that...well that is something you will figure out when you read it.
won't rate it among the best of asimov's but definately a good collection of short stories to read !
The Postman Always Rings Twice - James M. Cain 2.5 stars really. sort of ok book.

The Naked Face

The Naked Face - Sidney Sheldon This was my first sidney sheldon novel and i loathed it for the stupid story.
also he has made sure that all the reasoning goes to hell. Some parts doesn't even make sense.
hope his other novels are better than this.
P.S. : starting was good but as the plot was not strong enough he coudn't finish the novel in a better way and in the end it dragged on and on. This one sucks at the plot as well as at some characters.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon The best part of the book was it's narration. It started out as a funny one but in the end turned out to be deeply heart-touching. I liked the narration very much , it had the innocence of a child which sadly i have lost somewhere in my teenage years and i yearn for it.
Also the mathematical logic that the narrator gave a number of times assures that he has a high IQ
in-spite of suffering from asperger's syndrome.
highly recommended for everyone !
Infinity Blade: Awakening - Brandon Sanderson maybe because i was getting back into fantasy after a long time, i loved this book.
character building , action packed fights and an amazing story all within a hundred pages.
Definitely to go for !!
The Rainmaker - John Grisham 1.5 stars really. starts off well but from around 70 % of the book , you already know the ending.
The Firm - John Grisham well 2.5 stars really. i had high expectations.
it would have got more if grisham would have thrown less unnecessary and mundane details (but i guess this is his style of writing).
*spoilers ahead*
Also there were many loopholes in the book like abby and the detective's secretary already knew that the phones were bugged then why did they made the call through the firm's condos? also the fbi's were kind of projected stupid to meet with Mitchell McDeere at public places and get caught too ! these are just a bunch of them ( i have many more questions!! )
the first 25 % dealt with the protagonist joining the firm and that stupid bar exam,the last 25% of the book involved running from the feds and stupid morolto's men.
this part was stretched a bit too much i think. in the end i was like -- when will this novel end :|
Storm Front - Jim Butcher i will not call this an extraordinary novel but yeah it was one hell of a fast paced and exciting novel. Also ,The main protagonist is not some super-wizard or anything but a character that has it's own flaws and strengths. and how i loved the talking skull "bob" who helps in making magic potions. overall it was a good read.
detective + magic + vampire + humor = storm front. liked it -3 stars
Darkly Dreaming Dexter - Jeff Lindsay 2.5-3 stars.. i was expecting something more.
character of dexter had been portrayed in any interesting way (devoid of humanly emotions,etc.)
a page turner but rushed in the ending
The Robots of Dawn - Isaac Asimov This book lays the founding bricks for 'psychohistory' for the foundation series and as usual Elijah Bailey and R.Daneel Olivaw together ...liked this book 3-4stars
Animal Farm - George Orwell a fantastic read..!